Documents needed for Individuals:

Client agreement - automatically generated via your Traders Room once an application for a live account has been completed. ID and proof of address are not required from Low Risk Countries* - Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom & UK Crown Dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man)
All other countries, Medium and High Risk, documents are required, **:
Proof of ID - Passport or government-issued ID card with photo;
Proof of residence - A bank statement or utility bill not older than 3 months old.

* if PrincipalFX is not able to electronically verify and identify an individual from a low risk country we reserve the right to ask for proof of ID and/or proof of residence.
** PrincipalFX reserves the right to ask for ID documents to be certified or notarized and in some cases 2 proof of address.

Documents needed for legal entities:

  • 1. Completed and signed Client Agreement for Legal Entity;
  • 2. Registration documents (certificate of incorporation/registration, memorandum, articles of association, etc.) registered with all the changes, additions and confirmations of the appointment of the person(s) entitled to act on behalf of the legal entity;
  • 3. Passport or government-issued ID card with photo for the person acting on behalf of the legal entity;
  • 4. Documents confirming the ownership structure of the legal entity, which must also include personal details of all ultimate beneficial owners. Please note that the ultimate beneficiary can only be a natural person;
  • 5. Recent utility bill confirming the place of business.

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