Added Incentive

$$ bonus $$

Principal Partners of Principal FX Group are provided with additional leverage: up to 10% of the sum of the deposits made by their clients (maximum $5,000 per month). Trading Bonus will be withheld solely for trading with PrincipalFx. com and cannot be withdrawn.

No Registration Required

You don't have to be a registered partner to invite new clients. Contact us for more information.

Maximize Your Return

Based on your performance as a Principal Partner, Principal FX Group may invite you to expand your partner incentives on agreed conditions and enter into an independent partnership with you as a Forex Introducing broker (IB) for Principal FX.


Now strive to earn more than you have ever imagined.

An Introducing Broker (IB) can receive commission of up to 20% of the spread on transactions completed by clients whom IB has invited. This commission can be withdrawn (no maximum limit on commission).

Increase Your Earnings

As an Introducing Broker, your earnings will increase as you sign up more clients.
You may be contacted by us to discuss the terms of a partnership based on your activity, the trading volume of your clients’ transactions, and your operating region. In addition to higher earnings, those IBs who prove themselves to be committed and highly active receive various benefits including, but not limited to: receiving additional payments and compensation; being qualified to hold events and contents, and reward bonuses to clients; priority given in consideration of eligibility to open a regional office; access to promotional assets such as banners and website, and more.

Registration Is Required

In order to become an Introducing Broker (IB), you must have a strong relationship in place with the company. Based on your activity and the number of signed-up clients, you may be offered a partnership with Principal FX.
Once you are registered as an IB, you can present new proposals and ideas to Principal FX Group to improve our services as a whole, as well as to further maximize your earnings. You may also be eligible to participate in researches and networking events with other traders.
Please contact us for more information on how to become an Introducing Broker.

Expand Your Network

In order to inform and attract potential clients, IBs are encouraged to post on relevant websites, forums, portals, blogs, etc. They should publish his or her IB link also in the post so that the source of the signed-up clients can be properly attributed. The more visible the partner’s link is, the better the results will be. By diligently informing and responding to those interested in Forex trading, the partner will see the number of new clients via his or her link increase exponentially, thus significantly increasing their return. Creating your own personal website to actively publish useful information and to answer visitors’ questions is also recommended.

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